We at EventSpaceDesigns showcase experiences and competency in providing a host of wedding entertainment packages to choose from to cater to a wide variety of needs and budgets, making it the most sought after international wedding planning companies in the business today. Be it your wedding day or smaller events of a wedding such as ladies Sangeet and Mehendi, we assure you of entertainment that will live on in your memory forever.
We offer a wide variety of entertainment to cater to a wide variety of needs. The guests just have to pick their favorite entertainment and we will fit their budgets and needs. Our expert entertainment will create the ultimate fantasy wedding that you can possibly dream of.
You can start by selecting your favorite songs and performers. Whether it is soloist or ensemble, we provide the very best. You can choose a DJ or live band for your reception.
We provide the following services for entertainment:
Wedding Choreographers
• Wedding Bands
• Wedding Orchestras
• Wedding Singers
• Musicians for weddings
• Entertainment wedding receptions
• Live bands for weddings reception
• Folk Dance Parties for Receptions/ Gala Dinners
The entertainment we provide will live on in your memory for ever.
Under our team’s expert and competent instruction, smaller events of a wedding function like Sangeet and Mehendi can also be turned into an extravagant and glamorous one. As Wedding Planners in Mumbai, we can also organize for DJs and music bands to perform at your wedding. We can also provide you with a choreographer team who will assist you and your family in making your Sangeet event into a memorable and unforgettable one. With proper training and rehearsal, we will add more liveliness into your wedding by the addition of lead pair and complete family dance. Wedding, can be made more elegant by the addition of a performance by a celebrity from movies or TV industry.
You Name it we will provide you!!