Do you need to hold an event that should be special, timeless, and close to the heart? At Event Space Designs, we will make sure that such events become flawless, worry-free, fun and most especially, unforgettable. We not only plan these events based on a set of established rules, but we make sure that there is a personal touch involved, so that what comes out will be the perfect event you dream of, executed perfectly, with the right atmosphere and style, making sure that you and your guests end the event with a smile.

Our Services Include

At ESD, flawless execution of birthdays be they big or small, are the cornerstone of the company policy. As circumstance demands, they are sometimes organised with flamboyance, sometimes with muted elegance, but always with panache and an intuitive grasp of the party.

A baby is a little bit of heaven sent to earth. Your little bundle of joy deserves to be celebrated. We promise to make their entry as magnificent as possible. We don’t stop till we make sure we induce an “awwww” at least a couple of times from each guest.

Wedding anniversary event means the completion of lovable year with each other. As the time goes on, people keep their happiest moments in their memories. Although you will make this day last forever, in your memories. To your hearts. With your choice of most striking backdrop. The job has given to the most capable hands who are perceptive, affable and caring.
We plan stylish, exclusive events in diverse destination and in varied portfolios. Our select team of event professionals has handled every individual aspect and areas of responsibility with tenderness, enthusiasm, analytical planning. And as well as they dedicated their efforts to make the day special which will imbue the essence of this royal phenomenon.
Make your successful marriage affair a truly sublime experience, where we will provide our efficiency, experience, attributes, dynamism, aesthetic mind, to schedule the itinerary of your dream.